Winter Blooms: Support for Emotional Freedom

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Winter Blooms: Support for Emotional Freedom

On this website you will find information about easy-to-use and empowering energy tools to support in-the-moment self-regulation and long-term resilience.

 Scientific studies are proving that regular, mindful practice of Emotional Freedom Techniques supports trauma-sensitive relationships at home, in the work place, and in the larger world. 

Jane Buchan is an EFT coach, trainer, writer, and educator. She first learned EFT to address the long-term effects of her own early trauma. Because her first-hand experiences were so positive, she formally trained with EFT International to support others in their efforts to heal from early and current traumas. She holds an MA in English Literature and finds personal and cultural stories integral to her work with diverse populations of adults.

Welcome to Winter Blooms!

To arrange for personal coaching, information about EFT International Level 1 & 2 Training sessions required for EFT International certification, and/or introductory and advanced energy-tool classes, email Jane at