EFT Level One and Two Training

East Hardwick Vermont

Learning EFT is a lot like walking a labyrinth. When we use EFT on our journey to the center of an issue we cannot make an error, just as we cannot make an error as we follow the paths of a labyrinth. At the end of each round of tapping, we can take the time to assess our progress in the same way that we can tune into our well being as we complete each labyrinth path. Walking the labyrinth, like tapping on the body, provides a somatic, meditative means of communication with the flesh, blood, and bones holding our oldest, sometimes most frightening secrets. The somatic language we use in EFT – our fingers’ gentle whispers to the body – is respectful of the hurts we carry, of the challenges we’ve left unmet, of the wounds we sense but can’t quite remember receiving. At the end of an EFT training session, as at the end of a labyrinth journey, we stand taller, aware of a much broader perspective that includes compassion for others as well as our selves. We also often feel more optimistic and capable of the Acts of Completion that bolster our sense of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual mastery. The invitation to address actions we were unable to complete when young children or vulnerable adults is perhaps EFT’s greatest contribution to the wellness movement. Once we learn Emotional Freedom Techniques, because of their simplicity and ease of use, we often do not require expertise beyond our own willingness to be present to ourselves and the process of safely naming our pain.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known in its more general form as Tapping, supports the gracious optimism we all need to face the challenges of life at a time of climate insecurity and political unrest and massive cultural shifts.  During EFT Level 1 and 2 training sessions, attendees may choose to address personal, social, professional, and existential challenges, all while connecting with others and so reducing the sense of isolation that can build when it feels as though we are bombarded by one crisis after another.  

Winter Blooms Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Sessions are empowering, affordable, and immediately effective; it is not unusual for participants to experience physical relaxation and emotional buoyancy within the first two hours of using EFT. Our training time together provides opportunities to explore

  • the history and applications of EFT;
  • a sampling of research supporting EFT efficacy;
  • the basic EFT recipe and several variations;
  • how to work through resistance to change using EFT;
  • how to formulate set-up statements and reminder phrases to ensure specific, subjectively testable results; 
  • how to use EFT to safely address pain stories active in the body;
  • how to diminish the intensity of troubling memories through gentle “tell the story/watch the movie” techniques;   
  • the EFT concepts of Aspects, the Apex Effect, Borrowing Benefits (a phenomenon and a strategy), the Generalizing Effect, along with other terms used in the application of Emotional Freedom Techniques;
  • how to use EFT for food cravings (excluding eating disorder behaviors linked to DSM-5 diagnoses);
  • how to “chase the pain” by discovering the underlying emotional stories that may be stuck in a feedback loop in the body;
  • what to do when EFT appears to be ineffective;
  • how to address intense emotional events “tearlessly”;
  • how to safely and ethically share the techniques with family and friends;
  • when to ask for help and how to form a personal support team;
  • why hydration is important;
  • how to create a safe, sacred space for EFT personal practice;
  • how to unearth and change limiting beliefs;
  • how to measure results using SUD and VOC scales;
  • where to find ethical guidance; and
  • how EFT contributes to the development of in-the-moment self-regulation skills and the joy of long-term resilience building.

Level 1 and 2 Training Sessions are a prerequisite for accredited certification in EFT with EFT International, a global network of EFT practitioners; these trainings can be delivered in flexible on-the-ground formats to meet the needs of specific groups.

To arrange for EFT International Level 1 & 2 trainings, email jane@winterblooms.net or call (802)533-9277.