Ongoing Online . . .

Groups Reading Once Upon a Body

Jane facilitates book-group discussions focused on how we heal from early and adult traumas.  Her mission is to deepen our shared understanding of the body’s genius contributions to our conscious healing intentions. Since this is a trauma-sensitive, facilitated discussion, safety, confidentiality, and inclusion support our exchanges.

Grounding techniques will be taught and utilized throughout our discussion.  Jane observes talking stick protocols, active listening skills, and space holding for each participant’s comments and questions to support individual and group wisdom.

To arrange an online facilitated discussion for your group, email Jane at  Please include the time zone in which you meet. Be sure to type Book Group Query in your subject line.

Time Investment:  3 hours with 2 breaks

Cost: $90.00 USD per participant, payable through PayPal

Please Note:  To ensure safety and inclusiveness, all groups are limited to eight participants.


For Professional Care Providers

Befriending the Dragon: A Trauma-Sensitive, Self-Care Intensive

Teachers, Nurses, Holistic Health-Care Providers, and Emotional/Wellness Coaches spend much of their lives in service to others’ healing needs.  This Intensive restores balance to the service equation, focusing on professionals’ needs for personal expression, unique and portable healing tools, safe, confidential community, and joyful renewal. This Intensive includes email support between classes and handout support for all techniques taught.

To join a group or form one with your professional colleages, email with Dragon in your subject line. In your query, include your time zone and your professional designation.

Time Investment:  5, 3-hour classes over 5 weeks

Cost:  $125.00 USD per class payable through PayPal