Food and the Holidays

A Free Online Class for Happier Gatherings

Rediscover the joys of cooking, eating, and sharing food during the holidays in this one-hour, energy-tools class created to expand our concepts of time, energy, and goodwill, and to diminish any negative beliefs, absolute language, and somatic memories attached to previous holiday gatherings.

Join Jane online at 12 PM EST, November 23, 2022.

To register:


please type Food in your subject line.




Creating Meaning, Peace, and Joy after Early Trauma

Book Groups

This is a Zoom Master Class for Book Groups already formed or interested in forming around the topic of healing from early, protracted trauma.  Jane offers her time without cost to those groups who have read Once Upon a Body who want to deepen group discussion with the author. Each group will work out with Jane the date, length of class, and specific topics.

To arrange a Zoom Master Class for your group, email Jane at with Book Group Query in the subject line.


Energy Techniques and the Lived Experience of Trauma

A Master Class for EFT Practitioners 

Because safety is necessary for trauma healing, this workshop offers a safe space for experienced EFT practitioners to explore trauma’s ability to precipitate an evolving awareness of wholeness. In our time together, we will explore what Stephen Porges calls neuroception, somatic awareness designed to protect us from trauma even before the wound is named and the remedies suggested by science.  For this reason, I think of the science of trauma as prose and the trauma itself as poetry. During these classes, we will be reviewing the prose – the scientific explanations for trauma – and discovering the poetry – the distilled, in-the-moment gifts of trauma – and how these lead to greater and greater healing when supported by the creative use of EFT.

Workshop Topics

Class 1 – Introduction:  Recognizing Trauma’s Many Calls to Heal & Our Ingenuity in Answering these Calls

Class 1 Lived Experiences:  Identifying EFT Self- and Co-regulation benefits; Employing EFT and writing for deeper self care;  Discovering the most safety producing Learning Styles with EFT; Unearthing personal trauma calls to heal, such as an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, using EFT;  Differentiating between PTSD, Complex-PTSD, and Developmental Trauma to better serve our clients; Reframing “high-risk” behaviours as attempted Acts of Completion using EFT

Class 2 – Unhealed Trauma & Identity: Embracing Our Boundaries – ‘I,’ ‘You,’ & ‘We’

Class 2 Lived Experiences: Connecting to ‘I’ and ‘We’ through story and ritual; Harmonizing personal boundary challenges – the ‘I’ and ‘You’ dance – using Borrowing Benefits; Exploring early boundary violations using EFT, absolute, and conditional language; Reframing ‘high-risk’ behaviours as attempts to shore up feeling safe within our own skin; Strengthening ego boundaries with a challenging ‘You’; Using ‘I’ to find our way to ‘We’ using EFT; Transforming ‘monstrous’ high-risk compulsions into safety guides; Recognizing Soul-making and its relationship to the isolation caused by personal suffering

Class 3 – Unhealed Trauma & Toxic Shame: Discovering & Dissolving the Need to Hide

Class 3 Lived Experiences: Fashioning strong boundary narratives; Breaking the silence fear imposes using co-regulating Borrowing Benefits; Exploring and forgiving the impulse to hide using EFT; Revealing toxic shame’s influences on our invisibility; Reframing hiding as an attempt to protect the self/Self, to understand why protection is necessary, and to employ conscious protective measures using EFT; Creating new narratives that restore the energies needed to be fully seen

Class 4 – Unhealed Trauma & Chronic Physical Issues: Cracking Trauma’s Body-Talk Code

Class 4 Lived Experiences: Sharing invisibility-release narratives; Exploring the many voices of physical resistance using EFT; Taming and befriending Chronic Pain using EFT; Utilizing EFT to move from NO into Yes in relationship to food and social situations; Celebrating the ingenious attempts to feel safe, no matter how apparently dysfunctional; Turning to our shared Mother-Father Earth when grieving and releasing patterns of behaviour that no longer meet the need for safety; Reframing our lives as a series of  Acts of Triumph using EFT

Course Length:  Four 3.0 Hour Classes

Place, Dates, & Time:  To be arranged with interested groups

Course Type/Size:  Closed Group: 6 to 8 participants plus facilitator

Course Cost:  Sliding Scale TBA

If this workshop sounds like it will further your personal and professional use of EFT as a healing tool, please email to this class for your group.


EFT, Writing, and Resourcing the Adult Self

This is a four-week two-hour class to sharpen EFT practitioner precision in identifying feelings, beliefs, and habits related to unhelpful internal narratives through the use of written language in partnership with EFT.

Course Explorations:  How participant challenges, both personal and professional, may be addressed by EFT combined with regular writing practice. These challenges can include practical EFT practice matters, emotional overwhelm before and/or after client work, intellectual resistance to professional development or any new ideas, and spiritual sorrow regarding the state of the world.   

Place, Dates, & Times: To be arranged with interested groups

Course Type/Size: Closed Group: 6 to 8 participants plus facilitator

Course Cost: Sliding Scale TBA  

If this course sounds like it will further your personal and professional use of EFT as a healing tool, please email to arrange this class for your group.