In these green mountains, renewal is in the air.  Every thaw reminds us of the promise of Spring’s return.  We need such promises, not only in our out-of-doors, seasonally aware lives, but every day.  Indeed, as we age, the promise of renewal takes on a spiritual heft that is absent in our youth.  Renewal is the internal spring that visits us no matter the number of years we’ve lived on Earth.

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Tapping to Harmonize Group Energies

Most of us live in a world of group dynamics, whether at the family dinner table, in the conference room, or in the lunchroom.  In our relationships, conflict often feels inevitable as people function with too little sleep, poor nutritional choices, differing values, and even open hostility emanating from unhealed wounds.  As unlikely as it sounds, we can harmonize these energies with a tapping partner or on our own.  Tapping to harmonize relationships is a very exciting process to initiate and experience, especially as it flowers and bears fruit.

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Tapping as a Spiritual Practice

Many of us who work within institutions or in private practice can find ourselves collecting other people’s energies throughout the day.  Taking breaks to release these energies between classes, sessions, or meetings is an invaluable practice that will support our highest intention to be agents of positive change.  Many of us meditate on a daily basis, often more than once a day.  Some leave the workplace to sit for a moment in the stillness of a private garden or to walk a focused meditation in which we consciously bless and let go of any energies we want to release.  When we do this, we are strengthening our spiritual connection to the whole, an activity that nourishes our centredness, clarity, and ability to be fully present to those we serve.

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Imbolc Energies, Natural Rhythms, and Tapping

In much earlier times, our ancestors obeyed the demands of the seasons rather than the tyranny of the clock.  Sunrise and sunset pretty much defined our work days, and the hearth of a home, no matter how humble, transformed into its storytelling stage.  Those days were, in terms of creature comforts, lived brutally close to the bone when compared to our heated and plumbed rural or urban dwelling places.  Those days were also excellent teachers of the natural ebb and flow of life, something it is easy for those of us in the west to lose track of in our constantly lighted, 24/7 patterns of contemporary human activity.  Observing the Celtic marker of Imbolc, Candlemass in the Christian Tradition, helps us to connect with Sun and Earth rhythms that ground us in a spiritual as well as natural-world reality.   This grounding is vitally important because every healing practice, including EFT, is far more effective when we are consciously connecting with the rhythms of nature.  We are, after all, a physical species and part of the natural web of life on Earth.

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