EFT and Perspective

In the midst of a personal or professional challenge, it is easy to lose perspective, especially when our emotions take us to a place of fear, worry, and anger.  In anticipation of life’s challenges, many of us who choose to create a culture of peace practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Meditation to reduce stress and support an optimistic and helpful outlook on life despite the strife that may be playing out all around us. Daily practices such as Meditation and EFT help to keep our energies balanced and our minds clear, thus promoting a calm view of life that contributes to positive outcomes despite inevitable challenges and conflicts.

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Renewal through Seasonal Changes

Happy Spring Equinox . . . at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Down under folks are moving into autumn, this difference one of the many magical expressions of hemisphere diversity on our magnificent planet.  Looking out my window at the five-and-six-foot piles of snow our snow-plow Angel has created makes Spring seem unlikely, and yet the calendar tells us the Vernal Equinox officially arrived on March 20.  Sometimes, we have to take on faith the reality of something.

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Renewal through Visualization

Most of us have heard of the remarkable results professional athletes achieve when they incorporate visualization into their training schedule.  Imagining oneself accomplishing a goal activates the same areas of the brain as the act; for example, seeing oneself sink a foul shot on the basketball court registers in the same way as actually sinking the shot.  Research indicates improvements in performance when visualization is used along with regular practice.  To explore this research, visit www.eftuniverse.com’s home page and click on the Scientific Research tab.

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Renewal by Proxy

This is the time of year when local markets begin to sell seeds and peat pots to nourish our hopes for gloriously fertile summer gardens.  Recently at Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier, staff set out pots of flowering spring bulbs next to revolving stands of Vermont’s own High Mowing Organic Seeds.  People rushing in to get last minute supper things slowed as they approached the flowers and seeds, the fragrance of hyacinth and daffodil catching them by surprise and the seed packets setting them to dreaming of the warm days to come.

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