Tapping for Daily Energetic Hygiene

It is easy to become discouraged when a problem we thought we solved returns.  When this happens we frequently question our ability to “fix” those things we perceive as wrong in our lives.  However, if we liken our energetic tapping process with daily showering – that is, a cleansing process without physical water – the idea that we “fix” our energetic challenges once-and-for-all shifts.  The dynamic nature of our lives requires that we stay present to our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.  Working with our energies by tapping daily helps us to clear any negativity before it morphs into a serious or even a chronic problem.

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Tapping as Blessing

Many who use tapping daily as a self-help tool concentrate on clearing negative personal memories, physical pain, and negative emotions such as depression, rage, fear, and anxiety.  Because it is so effective in this clearing work, it is easy to forget that we can use tapping to remind ourselves of the many blessings we enjoy in life.  Tapping with gratitude for the gifts our senses bring to us increases our sense of enrichment and wonder every moment of the day.

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Mother’s Day and Gendercide

It is Mother’s Day here in Canada and the United States, a day when many of us connect, at least in spirit, with mothers the world over . . . both human and other-than-human.  The recent kidnapping of 276 school girls in Nigeria last month brings to mind the anguish of their mothers, their other family members, and their communities.  Here in the west it is tempting to detach from the horror of this situation by clinging to ethnocentric beliefs about other cultures; it is equally tempting to detach from this horror by clinging to the faulty New-Age belief that we must only admit to and concentrate on the positive in life.  Tapping teaches us otherwise.

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Tapping and Authenticity

Sometimes, in our multi-media, Type A Culture, living authentically feels impossible.  We may discover this impossibility when we believe strongly in alternative medicine but we work, in one capacity or another, for Big Pharma.  Or, at our core, we may understand the threat of ecological devastation by human industry but take the only work available to us, in the oil or automotive industries.  More common still, we may understand the importance of organic, unprocessed foods, but our budgets and our neighbourhoods offer only inexpensive, processed foods whose primary ingredients – corn, soybeans, and wheat – are supported by government subsidies and allowed on our shelves without labeling despite containing killer pesticides and genetically modified organisms.  Authenticity, that is, congruence between our values and our behaviours, is a hard-won achievement in western culture.

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