Tapping and Those Last Five Pounds

The exhilaration of shifting our weight after a long struggle with obesity is one of the most satisfying experiences we can have in life.  It is beneficial to our health as well, since our Body Mass Index is an indicator not only of longevity but of quality of life.  As diabetes diagnoses soar and reports circulate regarding the dangers of processed foods, many search for a successful route to a healthy weight and body image.  When used effectively, tapping supports both.

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When Hate Just Won’t Go Away

People who use tapping regularly are often pleasantly surprised by a growing sense of equanimity and peace.  Petty annoyances disappear, strong negative reactions dissipate, and flashes of anger or fear over crossed boundaries diminish.  Gary Craig’s name for tapping, Emotional Freedom Techniques, says it all.  Daily practice that goes deep to core issues really does free us from debilitating negative emotions.  Sometimes, however, the process of freeing ourselves from such emotions takes time, patience, great detective work, and intuitive leaps to uncover the core issues associated with these emotions.

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Tapping and Father Loss

On this Father’s Day, those of us who have lost our fathers or are estranged from them often feel an overwhelming sense of grief, especially when we see photos of young dads with their new babes in body slings, middle aged dads sharing proud moments with older children, and older dads who have made the transition to loving grandfathers.  We look at these images and our hearts pulse with longing for that deep connection with someone who has been absent from our lives.  When our fathers die early, disappear because of separation or divorce, or become lost to us through addiction, the usually dormant father-loss placeholder in our lives can become a pulsing wound as everyone around us celebrates.

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Tapping for Others

Tapping for someone else is called surrogate tapping.  Many who use it,  me included, feel it is a form of prayer.  When I first heard about surrogate tapping, I was concerned that I might be intruding on someone who didn’t want my help.  Gary Craig, EFT Founder and creator of Official EFT sheds a more benign light on surrogate tapping.  When asked if he considered tapping for others intrusive, he compared it to prayer.  Generally, we don’t ask if we can pray for those we are moved to shower with love, he offered.  We do it whenever we are moved to send loving energy their way.

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Tapping in the Aftermath of . . .

Because tapping is becoming well known as an effective remedy for in-the-moment stress and even trauma, I assume a working knowledge of the tapping process on this blog.  If you are not yet familiar with the tapping process, many reliable website resources are available on the web including those maintained by AAMET, EFT Universe, and The Tapping Solution.  These three education resources feature descriptions of the tapping process as well as illustrations of the meridian points most commonly used in Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, also known as tapping.  Because of the sensitive content of this blog post, I recommend readers tap while reading it.  Tapping while consciously giving our attention to potentially distressing information helps to create the space for understanding, love, and compassion for ourselves and for all participants in such events as the Isla Vista shooting of last weekend.  In the aftermath of this and any traumatic event, calm and centred space within our hearts and minds is not an easy condition to cultivate.  Tapping supports this goal.

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