This Day of Longest Light – Summer Solstice 2015

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As we mourn yet another act of terrorism committed by a young white male against peaceful African Americans, these recent innocents participating in a Bible Study class in their own church in Charleston, South Carolina, it seems fitting to use the physical light of the longest day of 2015 to peer into the darkest corners of our hearts, those murky places where we hide our hatred for those we consider “the other.”   Each of us has such places, for each of us is a facet of the vast web of life in which we have lost our sense of unity with all the peoples and places of the Earth.  As further expressions of otherness, It has become the practice of our media to categorize these hate crimes as the random acts of disturbed individuals and not the natural consequence of the racism clearly evident in the systems of the United States.  Denial of our personal store of hatred is as prevalent as the racism we deny; it is a denial requiring for its undoing an unshakeable faithfulness to truth and our own abilities to face our personal prejudices and fears.  Tapping is one of the most effective tools for shining light into the heart’s dark places and one of the most empowering tools for making positive changes after we have unearthed our fear-based core beliefs.  To discover how to use tapping to create positive personal, community, and cultural change, please read on.

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