The Sacred Nature of Our Work

Please Note:  Winter Blooms is an educational website in no way meant to replace building a relationship with a trained EFT practitioner, counselor, or therapist.  To learn more about EFT, visit the NeftTI website at, the AAMET website at, or contact Jane for EFT coaching support.

As we witness increasing incoherence in the larger world, it helps to tune in to the resilience building processes we create to meet our personal, familial/social, and professional needs.  Resilience is not simply a word we use to encourage our own or others’ flagging spirits but a noteworthy outcome, at least to those of us committed to mindful attention to personal and professional stress levels and recovery times.  Belly breathing, walking in nature, body talking, finger tapping, and other in-the-moment self-regulation techniques allow us to be more present, no matter what might be happening in the moment.  And being present invites Presence, that sense of belonging to something so much larger than a species increasingly known for its destructive choices  and excessive habits.

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