When Holiday Blues turn Black – A Seasonal Love Note

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Recently, I watched a stranger’s growing distress as a cheerful sales clerk asked casual questions about the status of her tree trimming, baking, and gift buying.  To some, this time of year is an endless source of joy that means family, the birth of Christ, and the meaning of giving.  To many others in the western hemisphere, this holiday season distills the isolation and disillusionment at the heart of a compulsively  materialistic culture. Whether we’re solidly in the joy camp or increasingly aware of the inequities in our society, this time of year comes with its own special challenges.  So much of our attention is diverted from the quiet pleasures of authentic connection that we can spiral into seasonal depression.  Using EFT daily, as a personal emotional-hygiene tool and even as a form of prayer for the larger world, can help us to find Peace in the Winter Solstice energies supporting conscious rebirth. 


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