Caring for Care Providers – An Emotional Freedom Techniques Level One Training

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Training in Emotional Freedom Techniques frequently fills participants with the joyful spaciousness we call optimism.  Regardless of personal and professional challenges, spending time with a group of seekers who yearn for loving relationships at home, collegiality at work, and supportive tools to inform an evolving life journey provides both the hope and skills we need to create life affirming habits.  On January 27-28, 2018, I am offering a Level One Training in Emotional Freedom Techniques especially designed to meet the emotional needs of professional care providers, a training intended to care for the remarkable people who provide professional care for the terminally ill and dying.

Professional Care Providers and this AAMET Level One Training

Offering an EFT Level One training to people who have experienced the constant schedule challenges, the personal heartbreak, and the surprising inspiration of end-of-life professional work is intended to decrease the emotional stress experienced while increasing the positive connections and sense of community among the dedicated people who choose this work as their profession.  Just as each birth creates its own time frame, each death requires its own time and space; in a profession trained in scientific methodology and run on tight schedules, the unpredictability of this work is bound to create both frustration and a sense of isolation in its professionals.

This AAMET Level One Training will create a safe space to express all the emotions that come up for professional care providers as it teaches skills for in-the-moment stress relief and the building of resilience over time. Because of its experiential nature, this two-day training provides abundant practice opportunities that demonstrate the skills themselves and the positive effects of these skills.  Because of the soothing nature of this hands-on training, it is intended that participants will come away from this experience with a sense of spaciousness, renewed dedication, and deeper appreciation for everyone involved in this physically exacting, emotionally demanding, and spiritually challenging and rewarding work.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants will learn and apply many concepts and techniques, including:

EFT beginnings, evolution, and current status in the coaching and therapeutic communities; EFT relationships to other stress-reduction approaches and techniques; the EFT Discovery Statement; the EFT Basic Tapping Recipe; how to measure progress using the Subjective Units of Distress (SUDs) scale; why it is important to address the possibility of resistance to change by using a psychological reversal protocol; how and why EFT works individually and in groups; why hydration is vitally important to the tapping process; the value of moving from a global challenge to a specific example of that challenge; the concept of “Aspects” in working through emotional issues; the value of daily tapping and long-term persistence especially with big challenges such as emotional shocks and physical pain; the subtle and not-so-subtle consequences known as the “generalization effect”; the discovery of each participant’s most sensitive or responsive tapping point(s); short-cut tapping including single point, finger points, touch and breathe, and visualization tapping; how to tame emotional intensity; how to test for shifts in our conscious beliefs; how to discover our unconscious beliefs; and, how group tapping illustrates the concept of borrowing benefits; these along with many other valuable EFT concepts and applications will ensure participant optimum experience and take-away information.

Please keep in mind that this AAMET Level One Training material will be used to specifically address depression, death anxiety, and other emotional challenges common in those working with the terminally ill, the dying, and their families within a system that favours schedules over individual professional and personal needs.

Please contact me (802-533-9277 / to address any specific questions you might have regarding this training and to register for Level One Training.

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Jane Buchan, MA Accredited, Certified Trainer NQT

Jane is a life coach, writer, and educator specializing in neutralizing the long-term effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)  as well as the cultural limitations that interfere with our ability to imagine, create, and live the lives we desire.  To engage her individual or group coaching services, please call (802) 533-9277 or email