Why Daily EFT/Tapping Matters

Please Note:  Winter Blooms is an educational website in no way meant to replace building a relationship with a trained EFT practitioner, counselor, or therapist.  To find an EFT Practitioner, visit the AAMET website, the Gary Craig website, the EFT Universe website, the Tapping Solution website, or contact Jane for EFT coaching support.

Sometimes just turning on the computer in the morning can feel like an ambush.  People shot at parades, terrorist plots, childish sniping among our politicians, and stock market fluctuations can make us feel vulnerable and even trigger our Fight, Flight, or Freeze response to events that happened yesterday or a week before, events over which we have absolutely no control.  Tapping daily helps to regulate responses to asynchronous media and real time situations that might otherwise lead to hyper-vigilant behaviours, those stress responses that exhaust the immune system and make us more susceptible to serious conditions such as heart disease and anxiety, conditions that are debilitating enough to lead to serious physical and emotional distress. Tapping on our specific fears helps us to return to centre and supports clarity and creativity when resolving personal and professional challenges.  And, because we share our energy field with everyone we meet, our centred calmness helps others to cultivate more clarity and creativity as well.

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