Celebrating Girls and Women – A Farewell (for now) Post

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One of the most satisfying rewards of being a life coach is helping girls and women see how skilled, resourceful, fair, and creative they are.  In our culture, and in most cultures around the world, girls and women internalize the message of inferiority from the patriarchal systems that conflate authority with maleness.  One look at a list of presidents, CEOs, religious leaders, and judges proves this.  In the west, we have done great work in dismantling the beliefs that women and girls are less than, but as current “run like a girl” campaigns show, this work is generational and ongoing.  I created this blog to explore how energy psychology, more specifically Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping, enriches and empowers its users.  One of the side effects of a year-and-a-half of diverse explorations is a growing sense of my own resourcefulness, flexibility, and commitment to social justice issues.  When I look around at my age cohorts – the vanguard of the Baby Boomers – and at our spiritual mothers, I see Maya Angelou, Vandana Shiva, Frida Kahlo, Margaret Mead, Oprah Winfrey, Mary Oliver, Alice Walker, Mary Wollstonecraft, Toni Morrison, Madeleine Kunin, Rosa Parks, Virginia Woolf, Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, and countless others who continue to create the remarkable tapestry that is our collective feminist heritage.  These are the women, alive and dead, who fuel the remarkable work of creating a world hospitable to diversity, intelligence, creativity, and fairness.  It is a world I give thanks for every day.

This post is personal and celebratory.  If every girl and woman in the world participated in celebrating girls and women, we would create an ever expanding spiral of acknowledgement, from the earliest times to those seeds, bursting with purpose and love, waiting to be birthed into a world where all girls and women live in joy, freedom, purpose, and power.  To participate in this International Women’s Day, I offer the following personal celebration of but a few of the girls and women who have deepened my understanding of just how resourceful, intelligent, and empowering our global tribe of women and girls is.

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