Holidays – Part Three – Conscious Endings and Beginnings

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Renewal.  Rejuvenation.  Reinvention.  These are important concepts throughout our lives, but they are especially potent at this time of year.  We often feel the powers of renewal and rejuvenation after time spent in nature, after visits with true friends, and even after a good night’s sleep. Reinvention is a little trickier and never more so as we navigate our fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and beyond.  Many of us actually tell ourselves daily:   “I’m too old to change,”  and “I’ve always been like this,” and “I’ve tried before and always failed,” even when the habit we’re speaking of – smoking, processed foods, sedentary lifestyle – are robbing us of energies that would otherwise be spent creating the lives we really want to live.  Despite our beliefs to the contrary, renewal and reinvention are possibilities until we draw our last breath, and, who knows, perhaps even beyond.  We are always invited to fashion lives that bring joy to ourselves and others.  We simply have to learn and then practice certain skills in order to do so.

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