We Are Generation Equality

Today, March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day, our theme inspires us to discover our commonalities and shared experiences regardless of race, age, wealth, gender preferences, and cultural influences. Feeling isolated is one of the most devastating of these shared experiences, and every girl and woman seeks the relief of ending isolation in the friendships, communities, and movements which change the personal and the political for the better. So, wherever we are, and whatever our plans, let us take 5 minutes to dance the theme of Generation Equality into this year of breakthrough, empowerment, and deeply supportive connections. To inspire our moves, here are Aretha and Annie:


If the link doesn’t work, simply Google “Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves.” Dancing and singing are universal human activities that have been healing body, mind, heart, and spirit since the beginning of human culture, so as we wiggle our hips, let us feel our healing connections with Sisters everywhere.

Ever dancing . . . , with You . . . , and with Love,


In Praise of Girls and Women: International Women’s Day 2017

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Is there anything a group of girls and women cannot accomplish once they’ve decided to take on a cause?  The answer is a resounding “NO!”  Girls and women have always taken on the role of society’s connective tissue, reaching well beyond their comfort zones to challenge the status quo.  No where is our vital commitment to fearless involvement more apparent than in the tapping community.  Tapping is all about increased agency, and agency, that ability to identify a problem and cultivate the energy to transform it into an opportunity for positive change, has become the most obvious characteristic of girls and women during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  We are the force to be reckoned with at the forefront of Radical Love.  Anyone who doubts this should simply follow up a little of the research assembled in this blog regarding the scope of women’s and girls’ remarkable agency over the last hundred years.

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