Making Sacred Promises

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Finding the sacred in promises we make to ourselves and others is an art.  We all know about the other kind of promises, those tossed off in the moment that we feel all right about breaking.  “Six?  Sure, I promise I’ll be there.”  And in the moment, we mean it;  we really do want to honour our promise to arrive when we say we will, because we want to show respect to those with whom we have relationships.  But made in the moment, these ordinary promises can be broken by poor planning and lack of foresight.  Then we tell ourselves, “Oh, I have a meeting at five I forgot about when I made those arrangements.  They’ll understand.”  And, most often, “they” do, especially when we send up a warning flag such as, “I’m running late.  Please start without me.  I’ll explain when I get there.”  The kind of promise that becomes sacred doesn’t start out that way.  We might initially consider the idea of losing excess weight for our health’s sake, or the idea of quitting smoking at the stroke of midnight, or the idea of exercising faithfully lightly.  We can learn to turn these considerations into sacred promises that improve our lives through the time and attention we give to them.

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Death Part Two: Awash in Love

When my mother died in April of 2006, I had already discovered tapping.  In fact, it was because I knew she was dying that I sought out EFT Master Betty Moore-Hafter.  Although everything was right about my mother’s death, I felt I needed support to allow my mother to die without my needs interfering with her process.  I chose Betty, not because of EFT which I hadn’t yet heard of, but because she was both a hypnosis and age regression therapist.  I was curious to see if her approach would help me to resolve the last few energetic ties to a medical trauma my mother and I shared when she was thirty and I was two.  This surprise EFT session was magical – gentle and loving – and I left Betty’s office feeling this challenging early event had been transformed.  I have tapped ever since.  One of the earliest consequences of that session was an ability to be fully present to what my mother needed.  On my own, I could tune into my own need to celebrate her life in my own unique way.  Somehow, without writing about it directly, I wanted to express the essence of my mother’s approach to living in and leaving the world.  Awash in Love is that essence.

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New Year New Habits – Part One: Seedlings

One spring when I was digging in my garden, a wise Silver Maple Tree offered an eloquent and entirely visual response to my curiosity about growing through one stage of life into another.  Dripping with maple keys, this wise old Tree Being planted Herself over and over again in every corner of my garden.  As I removed last year’s dead-leaf mulch and gently turned the soil to transplant a  sprig of lily of the valley, I inadvertently dislodged one of these keys from its Earth home.  Swollen, purple, and marked by fissures in its outer skin, it told me everything I needed to know about growth.  Looking at that bursting seed I understood:  in its initial stages, growth requires a period of darkness and mystery.

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Grace, Depression, and EFT

People define Grace in many ways, often in relation to specific religions.  The definition I like best is an inclusive one that captures the feeling of being in harmony with wherever I am and whatever I may be doing.  For me, feeling a sense of unimpeded energy flow, of easy passage through Scylla and Charybdis should they suddenly appear, and of trust in the deep underlying intelligence and purposefulness of life on Earth puts me in the amazing zone of timeless perfection in which all things fit together in mysteriously beautiful ways.  For me, this state describes bliss, the eternal now, and the peace beyond human understanding.

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