Emotional Freedom Techniques and the Permission to Begin

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 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu

Yes, but . . . .  When we are caught in the energies of fear, self doubt, past failures, and isolation, taking that first, single step toward a goal can trigger our flight, fight, freeze response.  When we are flooded with these emotions, even the tiniest step toward a goal seems utterly impossible.  Sometimes, in order to avoid admitting our fear, we launch into discrediting the goal as unworthy.  For example, a person who sets a weight-loss goal and finds himself paralyzed by mysterious fears might say, “Why should I give in to the cultural pressure to be thin?  I’m going to be myself, a big guy, and celebrate my bigness.”

This response is entirely valid unless the decision to lose weight is based on legitimate health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint/movement problems or a combination of these.  When a part of us knows it is time to make a change, and another part comes forward to discredit that knowledge, Emotional Freedom Techniques can help us to find a way forward.  Best of all, EFT can do so very gently.

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Tapping and The Art of Knowing What to Say

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Last week, I introduced the concept of Blindsight, one I first learned of in Oliver Sacks’ memoir, A Leg to Stand On.  Sacks describes “losing” all sense of and connection to his leg after he injured it while hiking.  Even after successful surgery, Sacks couldn’t relate to his leg, for a time unable to see it as part of his own body.  Because he is a neurologist Oliver Sacks frames experience in terms of brain function, he relates his personal experience of alienation from his injured leg to people who suffer neurological damage who, quite literally, have a scotoma – a hole – in their field of vision. This hole may be likened to how we feel when we search for the words to say as we tap on an experience we can’t remember clearly.

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