Death Part Two: Awash in Love

When my mother died in April of 2006, I had already discovered tapping.  In fact, it was because I knew she was dying that I sought out EFT Master Betty Moore-Hafter.  Although everything was right about my mother’s death, I felt I needed support to allow my mother to die without my needs interfering with her process.  I chose Betty, not because of EFT which I hadn’t yet heard of, but because she was both a hypnosis and age regression therapist.  I was curious to see if her approach would help me to resolve the last few energetic ties to a medical trauma my mother and I shared when she was thirty and I was two.  This surprise EFT session was magical – gentle and loving – and I left Betty’s office feeling this challenging early event had been transformed.  I have tapped ever since.  One of the earliest consequences of that session was an ability to be fully present to what my mother needed.  On my own, I could tune into my own need to celebrate her life in my own unique way.  Somehow, without writing about it directly, I wanted to express the essence of my mother’s approach to living in and leaving the world.  Awash in Love is that essence.

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