Weighting and Waiting (Part 2): Conversations with the Body

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Once we commit to making positive physical changes, several helpful concepts support our intentions.  The first concept concerns respecting and communicating with each aspect of the body we are conscious of judging negatively.  When we find ourselves grasping the flesh of the upper arm, or belly, or some other body area as we make a critical comment, it is helpful to think of this physical part as coming forward for peace making.  I say this because every specific part we reject about our flesh serves in some way to increase feelings of safety.  This may sound counter-intuitive, especially when we are convinced that it is wrong or bad to be “fat,” or “lazy,” or even ill.  However, when we reject even the tiniest part of the Self, we are in some way doing our very best to prevent similar rejection from others.  Many of us learn self criticism as young children and then make our way in the world repeating this criticism as a way of short circuiting those we feel might criticize us in similar fashion. Tapping can help us to resolve our fear of criticism from others and at the same time, support us in making the long and winding journey from head to heart.

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