A Valentine for Positive Change

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St. Valentine’s Day is with us once again, and this year, the guy most deserving of LOVE on a colossal scale is the courageous, controversial, and persistently relevant US social critic, Michael Moore.  In the days after Bernie Sanders’ big win in the New Hampshire primary, American film goers have an opportunity to understand why the Democratic Socialist from Vermont has managed to put Hillary Clinton (dubbed the Democrat’s big money, establishment candidate) on the defensive.  Moore’s  latest film, Where to Invade Next, directly confronts what so many Bernie supporters believe is wrong in America: as long time Michael Moore supporter Jon Schwarz tells us, Michael Moore has put his finger on the heart of American discontent – our punitive school, workplace, economic, and criminal justice systems that assume “people are bad,” cannot be trusted with freedom, and must be threatened with punishment in order to be “good” citizens.  Happily, exciting alternative views are strong and growing stronger. Continue reading A Valentine for Positive Change