Tapping and “Wrinkle Porn”

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Recently one of our weekly Vermont papers ran a review of And So It Goes, a film about two people in their late sixties whose relationship evokes such scorn in the reviewer that he must coin a new phrase, “wrinkle porn”, to express his disgust with this film and others whose characters are beyond middle age and still interested in sex.  I haven’t seen the film, not because of the review, but because it came and went in the blink of an eye while blockbusters showcasing ever more cleverly manufactured gory deaths, explosions, and earth ravaging have run at local theatres for weeks.  This post, however, isn’t about film; it is about language that suggests we should be ashamed of our passions once we reach what our culture calls Old Age.  Tapping helps us to claim our passion – for sex and for life – at any age; it also helps us to neutralize the negative effects of words used cleverly, if inaccurately, to describe the waters we navigate in our sixties, seventies, and beyond.

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Tapping and Father Loss

On this Father’s Day, those of us who have lost our fathers or are estranged from them often feel an overwhelming sense of grief, especially when we see photos of young dads with their new babes in body slings, middle aged dads sharing proud moments with older children, and older dads who have made the transition to loving grandfathers.  We look at these images and our hearts pulse with longing for that deep connection with someone who has been absent from our lives.  When our fathers die early, disappear because of separation or divorce, or become lost to us through addiction, the usually dormant father-loss placeholder in our lives can become a pulsing wound as everyone around us celebrates.

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Tapping in the Aftermath of . . .

Because tapping is becoming well known as an effective remedy for in-the-moment stress and even trauma, I assume a working knowledge of the tapping process on this blog.  If you are not yet familiar with the tapping process, many reliable website resources are available on the web including those maintained by AAMET, EFT Universe, and The Tapping Solution.  These three education resources feature descriptions of the tapping process as well as illustrations of the meridian points most commonly used in Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, also known as tapping.  Because of the sensitive content of this blog post, I recommend readers tap while reading it.  Tapping while consciously giving our attention to potentially distressing information helps to create the space for understanding, love, and compassion for ourselves and for all participants in such events as the Isla Vista shooting of last weekend.  In the aftermath of this and any traumatic event, calm and centred space within our hearts and minds is not an easy condition to cultivate.  Tapping supports this goal.

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Tapping to Acknowledge Personal Dreams and Goals

Sometimes the reason why we don’t accomplish what we’d like to is because we don’t acknowledge or even recognize our own dreams and goals.  Our days are filled with meeting our responsibilities to others – at home and at work.  Meeting others’ needs is satisfying and rewarding.  However, by focusing exclusively on being conscientious with others, we can misplace the precious, secret things we dream of accomplishing ourselves.

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