Facing New Challenges: Tapping, Trust, and Resourcefulness

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Sometimes it seems that just as we develop a comfortable groove, our world is turned upside down and we must learn new skills if we are to live with confidence and satisfaction.  While it is a refrain we often would rather not hear, being alive means living with change.   Because of life’s inevitable changeability, the happiest and most successful people are those who have learned the art of adaptation.  This is a formidable skill to learn, but once we have mastered it, we find life’s chiaroscuro changes much easier to embrace.  Our adaptability means we tackle with confidence work situations that require we train in unfamiliar areas; adaptability also means we bring grace and optimism to family demands that ask us to step beyond our current comfort zones.  For some very rare people, change is always exhilarating, but for most of us change, especially unexpected change, unearths past experiences of perceived failure that can trigger our insecurities and activate a learned helplessness response we thought we’d outgrown long ago.  When change knocks us off centre, Tapping for the space to cultivate trust in our creative problem solving abilities will help us to move forward with ease.

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