Tapping and Those Last Five Pounds

The exhilaration of shifting our weight after a long struggle with obesity is one of the most satisfying experiences we can have in life.  It is beneficial to our health as well, since our Body Mass Index is an indicator not only of longevity but of quality of life.  As diabetes diagnoses soar and reports circulate regarding the dangers of processed foods, many search for a successful route to a healthy weight and body image.  When used effectively, tapping supports both.

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Tapping as a Spiritual Practice

Many of us who work within institutions or in private practice can find ourselves collecting other people’s energies throughout the day.  Taking breaks to release these energies between classes, sessions, or meetings is an invaluable practice that will support our highest intention to be agents of positive change.  Many of us meditate on a daily basis, often more than once a day.  Some leave the workplace to sit for a moment in the stillness of a private garden or to walk a focused meditation in which we consciously bless and let go of any energies we want to release.  When we do this, we are strengthening our spiritual connection to the whole, an activity that nourishes our centredness, clarity, and ability to be fully present to those we serve.

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