The Dangers of Unexpressed Emotions

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Sometimes, regardless of our efforts to resolve conflict lovingly and responsibly, we are unable to reach a peaceful resolution with the person or persons involved.  For those of us who have been schooled in homes where conflict is to be avoided at all cost, we run the risk of swallowing our emotions to avoid triggering responses we fear we will not be able to handle.  When we do so, we open the doors to physical illness because unexpressed emotions can and do play havoc in the bodymind system.  This is especially challenging when we engage with people who have not yet learned to accept their share of responsibility in the conflict or when we feel we must take care of others at the expense of our own emotional and physical health.  Tapping is particularly helpful in such situations, since it allows us to work through our part in the challenges while creating the space for others to step forward to do the same; in short, Tapping helps us to create healthy boundaries that honour others’ needs as well as our own.

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