The Current College Admissions Scandal and EFT

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I love writing.  Of all the skills I’ve attempted to master during my lifetime, writing is very high on my list of joyful accomplishments.  This is because, as a child, I suffered from developmental trauma. I lived without a voice.  I could cry, I could laugh, and I could rage, but the ability to speak my mind and heart in order to communicate something intelligible was not a skill I fully developed until I was an adult.  My way of avoiding discovery of my distressful isolation was to smile, a lot.  Early on I discovered that people tend to ignore a silent, smiling kid.  They look fine, right?  Cute.  One of the kids nobody has to worry about. Education changed my life, as it changes the lives of many, many traumatized children.

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EFT and Teaching Longevity


Those of us called to teach, who flush with the pleasure of a student’s hard won insight or accomplishment and who do all we can to stay true to our purpose to lift and to launch others into the magic of new knowledge, new skills, and new relationships, are often shocked to feel our passion for work we believe in unequivocally drain away.  And yet this ebbing of passion happens, these days more than ever before, even among the most committed teachers.  We often learn the hard way that powering through the pain we feel on our students’ behalf can lead to Compassion Fatigue so debilitating we feel forced to leave rather than further our relationship with teaching and learning.  Happily, there is now an effective remedy for teachers’ professional exhaustion.

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