Renewal through Visualization

Most of us have heard of the remarkable results professional athletes achieve when they incorporate visualization into their training schedule.  Imagining oneself accomplishing a goal activates the same areas of the brain as the act; for example, seeing oneself sink a foul shot on the basketball court registers in the same way as actually sinking the shot.  Research indicates improvements in performance when visualization is used along with regular practice.  To explore this research, visit’s home page and click on the Scientific Research tab.

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New Year New Habits – Part Three: Seeing Ourselves Anew

One of the most effective pathways to habit transformation is visualization.  In the late seventies, Carl and Stephanie Simonton wrote Getting Well Again, a pioneering work on the connection between the mind and the body in cancer patients.  This connection was demonstrated through a series of visualization activities that supported cancer patients in their desires to recover.  My family was particularly interested in this work because in 1977 our beloved Aunt Peg had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was in recovery from a mastectomy; in fact, it was Peg who told us about the book as a way of introducing her rather unconventional – at least for the time – choice to include hypnotherapy sessions in her recovery process.  As we listened to her thoughts about her “cancer visitor” and read the Simontons’ seminal work, we discovered how incredibly rich and powerful daily visualization sessions could be.

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