Gratitude Tapping for Abundant Local Harvests

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Sunday, October 11, 2015, marks Thanksgiving Celebrations for many Canadians.  This year, with books and films like This Changes Everything ( see contributing to positive, community approaches to climate crises, supporting and celebrating our local organic food movement is more important than ever before.  When we buy from our local organic farmers and regional organic food growers, every meal we eat has the power to help restore the integrity of our physical geography as it strengthens individual health and builds community.  When I touch upon the relevance of local food systems to our current state of climate emergency, I’m sometimes met with belligerence born of fear.   “Nothing can be done,” often accompanies the outright refusal to shift from eating addictive, health sapping convenience foods because of very real time constrictions, perceived cost prohibitions, and the hopelessness and terror we feel when we think too much about super storms and the other signs of global warming.  Although the trauma of climate change is so potentially devastating that we often do all that we can to deny it or at least temporarily forget it, Tapping can help us calm our climate-change fears, neutralize our addiction cravings, and move forward to strengthen our community ties.

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