Thankfulness for Yes! Magazine

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During this American Thanksgiving season most of our media outlets are saturated with Black Friday ads that pull us away from our deep desire to be positive agents of change.   One remarkable exception is Yes! Magazine.  This reader-supported publication’s diverse stories root us in the positive actions people are taking to address specific crises in our  individual communities.  The current issue of Yes! – its 20th anniversary edition – is exceptional in its exploration of life affirming citizen actions in each of the 50 states.  Stories describing our capacity to work together for change add to our store of resilience by enlarging our capacity for hope and galvanizing our desire to participate in the activism that interweaves diverse groups of people committed to social justice and environmental stewardship.

To be delighted,  informed, and inspired, take a moment to visit the Yes! Magazine website at  More radically, become a member of its growing, positive-change family.  One of our greatest challenges in this post-election period is resisting a pervasive sense of helplessness and isolation.  Yes! Magazine stories remind us of the strength and ingenuity we have when we work together.  Joining with others to work toward our goals helps us to remain effective positive-change agents, even in the face of continuous assaults on our democratic institutions and processes.

With wishes for a meaningful Thanksgiving Season



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