How Tapping Contributes to World Peace

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This Monday, September 21, people in every country in the world are gathering to celebrate the possibility of world peace on the International Day of Peace.  With us since 2001, you can learn more about this inspirational movement and its founder, Jeremy Gilley, at  Groups of all descriptions are celebrating a world at peace with community events, religious services, and school programs.  A response to the international peace movement very close to my heart because it reflects the peaceful intentions of my long-time, world-wide circle dancing tribe can be seen on YouTube at .  Watching this video brings serenity to the heart and optimism to the soul.  Like circle dancing, tapping helps us to bring peace to all we do.

Setting the Intention to Be Peace

We have an opportunity each time we tap to set the intention to be peace as well as to inspire peace every moment of every day.  Short circuiting our own fear and frustration responses by focusing on the real possibility of a more peace-filled life can begin with a gesture as simple as placing a hand on the heart.  Countless studies conducted by the Heart Math Institute (learn more at prove how using the Freeze-Frame Technique (shifting attention from negative thoughts – usually the source of distress in our lives – to our hearts), creates the space to connect with a joyful feeling experience that will positively influence the situation in favour of compassion’s clear and loving responses.  Having compassion for ourselves and others helps us to be more fully human because it brings understanding to situations that may initially draw us into frustration, fear, and anger.

Gary Craig’s Personal Peace Procedure, a clearly defined method of resolving painful situations that give rise to negative thoughts and fear reactions, helps us to release our emotional hurts and sometimes even physical pain, during our daily tapping sessions.  If you are not yet familiar with the process at the heart of Craig’s Personal Peace Procedure, give yourself a gift by learning this extraordinary tool at  As EFT’s founder, Craig’s ideas permeate EFT practice; going to EFT’s evolving source ensures we build skills and clarity regarding how we might use our daily tapping sessions more effectively.

Like the Heart Math Freeze Frame technique described above, daily tapping also brings us into heart awareness, especially when we place one hand on the heart and gently tap the gamut point (the space between the baby and ring fingers on the back of the hand) with the fingers of the other hand.  Sometimes simply saying “I choose love; I choose compassion; I choose peace” while doing this heart-centred tapping is enough to bring the nervous system into balance.   Knowing we always have the option to return to peace is an empowering thought, just as using a daily tapping routine to set the intention to carry peace with us wherever we are helps to strengthen the heart’s ability to compassionately guide our thoughts and actions.

On September 21, may we all be and inspire Peace consciously, and may we send out our intention to strengthen a global Culture of Peace here at home and everywhere on our beautiful Earth Home.

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