Learn How to Tame Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Trauma

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On July 16th , 2017, in Markham, Ontario, I’ll be conducting what I think of as a graduate seminar in Self-Regulation and Resilience Building.  When we read about early and adult trauma, the emphasis is usually on its crippling effects.  At this event, however, our emphasis is on self regulation during potentially traumatic experiences and resilience building for the long-term.

Positive psychologists remind us of the gifts of trauma by using the phrase Post Traumatic Growth.  In our resilience seminar, an experiential event, we will focus almost exclusively on the benefits of trauma-informed approaches at home, in community, and in the workplace.  We will also practice several self-regulation and resilience building techniques to boost optimism regarding how we can become trauma-resilient regardless of our ACEs scores.

To augment the information and tools I teach at the in-person event, I’ve created a resource booklet that includes a history of the evolution of language we use about trauma, my own personal connection to ACEs, the value of trauma-informed approaches in diverse workplace situations – including the value of a trauma-informed approach for parents, information about two sources of self-regulation and resilience building tools, and an annotated resource section listing ACEs research sources and several non-ACEs sources that broaden our understanding of the cultural forces encouraging traumatizing practices and how we can ameliorate these.  If you cannot attend the Markham/Toronto, Ontario, event but would like the resource PDF, it will be available for $15.00 after the July 16th, 2017 event.  Email Jane at jane@winterblooms.net to request your copy.

To learn more about this event, please visit the National EFT Training Institute at  www.neftti.com.

with blessings for a self regulating and resilient building summer



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