Our Vital Need for Renewal

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On this Spring Equinox, 2015, in the Northern Hemisphere on our beautiful, beleaguered planet, our thoughts naturally turn to Spring and the renewal we begin to sense all around us.  Here in Vermont that renewal is evident in the alternating warm and cold days that precipitate the sugaring season.  So much of what is essential in life we learn from the natural world . . . cycles of growth and rest perhaps among the most important of these lessons.  Learning to rest, to turn inward, to reflect on the interconnections among our thoughts and actions and the world we live in, is at the heart of renewal and the hallmark of maturity.  Never have we needed this mature practice more than we need it now.

One of the most useful practices I’ve developed is tapping on the interconnectedness of my life with the larger world.  If I am in a negative state of mind, I cannot expect my students and clients to have an optimum class or coaching session with me.  Nor can I expect my creativity to fire my imagination if I am exhausted.  Paying attention to my own need for rest and renewal is as essential to my personal well being as it is to my professional success.

Rooting out any negative beliefs about what I can do and how I can contribute to the social good is always my first priority.  This tapping practice reminds me of my values, my personal learning styles, and my strengths in communication and so helps me to focus my energy on projects and situations that are congruent my values, ways of knowing, and strengths.  Remaining focused is impossible when I feel depleted and am tempted to address my depletion with artificial means such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs.

I have found that creating a sacred space devoted to daily renewal prevents compassion fatigue, substance abuse, and emotional collapses that deplete me further.  This sacred space can be as brief as a ten minute break in a quiet, electronically neutral space illuminated by sunlight, candlelight, or the moon and the stars.  A simple mantra such as “I am connected to all that is” while tapping very gently on the back of a hand I have placed over my heart has wonderfully restorative effects.  “I belong here” and “I am always home” also soothe my spirit and deepen my sense of connection to the Earth.  “I am always on my path” helps me to reframe any experiences that I might otherwise view in a negative light.  “I am always learning” helps me to renew my belief in myself as a joyful lifelong learner.

I receive insight and peace from this simple practice, as well as greater clarity regarding who I am and what I want to do with my time and my energy here on Earth.  My creativity reboots and ideas that have lain dormant at the edge of my awareness spark to life and give me a sense of direction and purpose after such sessions. I feel the arms of the Goddess of Beauty and Love wrap around me, and in this embrace, I feel my internal Spring flourish.

Today’s Spring Equinox coincides with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, both very powerful natural events that support our intentions and reinvigorate projects close to our hearts.  Because eclipses traditionally lend energy to ending something in order to create space for the new, this eclipse helps us to winnow out those things we are ready to release from our lives, and, along with the New Moon, boost energies needed to create something new.  In this way, a seemingly small daily renewal routine becomes a dynamo for positive life changes.  Be sure to journal about what you are releasing as well as what you are welcoming.  Note the date, and then note the events and emotional states that signal change.  Tap for feelings of safety in the face of change, as well as for wisdom and guidance   Feel yourself open to the new energies that are ready to flood your life with good will, community, and positive agency.

This Spring, may you have a season of Renewal that grounds you in the life you want to live, and may you find Spring, the Goddess of Rebirth, beating your heart, lilting your laughter, and deepening your sense of purpose.

Until next time . . .



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