Renewal through Gratitude

Gratitude may be our most elegant transformation tool.  As soon as we focus on something we appreciate, we feel an immediate shift into a more peaceful state.  This is in itself remarkable; even more remarkable is the fact that our gratitude makes others more peaceful as well.

Tapping to increase our capacity for gratitude is a simple, but very potent practice.  If we find ourselves in a depressed state – because of the weather, work circumstances, family challenges, or any of the many other things that cause distress – we can move out of it by bringing to mind a person who delights, a piece of music that enchants, or an event we recall with joy.  When we find gratitude elusive, we can tap it back into our lives.  Using a script such as the following is one place to begin.

Tapping on the karate chop point:  “Even though I just can’t find anything at all to be grateful for right now, and I feel like the world is a sad lonely place and there is nothing I can do about it, I accept all my feelings, including my despair and depression.  Even though I am so worried (angry, anxious, confused) about __________ that I can’t imagine I’ll ever feel grateful again, I choose to accept where I am right now.  Even though I want to feel grateful but I just can’t pretend and I don’t feel the real thing, I trust that this darkness will pass and that life will weave me into its flow because that is where I belong even though I don’t feel like I belong right now.”

Negative reminder statements to say while tapping through the points might include:  “I’m just so depressed; I wish I could feel gratitude, but I don’t; all this stress; all this worry; all this fear; all this anger; I feel used up; I feel exhausted; I just don’t have any juice left; life feels so unfair; others deserve happiness but I don’t; I’m on the outside looking in; I’m so sad; I’m so alone; I’m so unhappy.”

Transitioning reminder statements to say while tapping through the points might include: “I haven’t always felt this down; other things have shifted in my life; I’m not stagnant; even when I’m not aware of it, I’m changing; maybe this is an opportunity to learn something new; I remember other times when I’ve been able to learn successfully; if I learned how to do something back then, I can learn now; life is about learning, and I am alive.”

Positive reminder statements to say while tapping through the points might include: “Maybe I can be grateful for my ability to learn; maybe I can choose to be more aware of kindness in the world; maybe I can choose to be kinder; maybe I can be part of a kindness revolution; maybe instead of feeling judgment when I am passing that person who is always asking for a handout, I can give her an apple from my lunch; maybe I can pack two apples everyday and just see who might like one; maybe I can smile at someone who looks the way I feel on a bad day; maybe I can give someone my seat on the subway; maybe I can offer to help my neighbour with her snow shoveling; maybe I can say a prayer for everyone in our office because I’m so grateful to have a job; maybe I can call _______________ and see how he’s doing; maybe I can look in the mirror and be grateful for my life.”

Gratitude is expansive.  When we send out the gratitude vibration, we create an opening for grace, joy, and peace for ourselves and others.  Delighting in a relative, a friend, a pet, a garden, or an event such as sap running in our wonderful maple trees anchors us in the potential goodness of life.  Sharing this goodness by saying thank you renews us in body, mind, heart, and spirit.  Thanks for tapping.  I’m so grateful for you!

Until next week