Summer Solstice Ruminations on Resilience Building and EFT

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In this part of the ever greening world, it is impossible not to see resilience manifesting in every tended garden and field.  Even untended fields attract butterflies, bees, and the countless soil makers that flourish to ensure our magnificent earth remains fecund, at least in some places on the Globe.

Today, Summer is officially with us in the northern hemisphere.  Down under, folks are celebrating, not the longest day as we are, but the longest night.  Using our imaginations to float out into space to witness the cycling Dance of of the Seasons across our Earth Mother’s face and body can’t help but infuse us with optimism.  The Solstices are times to remind ourselves that our personal store of resilience is supported by such acts of imagination.  Now, with ever more conflict tugging at our hearts, building resilience consciously and purposefully is the life task every Possible Human.

Opening to GAIA / SUMMER Inspiration

Jean Houston, author of The Possible Human, inspires my riff on resilience today.  Meet for the first time or renew your acquaintance with Jean at  As Jean reminds us in this interview, each one of us is the Possible Human, the visionary, the agent of positive change our small corner of the world requires to knit itself into something vibrantly resilient. In our current climate of constant conflict, t’s far too easy to forget our potential for innovation, for compassion, for changing our beliefs and thus changing our circumstances for the better when we chase down and transform the negative beliefs that support despair, aridity, and hopelessness.

Our Communities of Teachers and Learners

One of the magnificent human habits Jean speaks of in the interview linked to above is our capacity to form small supportive groups to energize our goals for making positive change. As I write these words, I think of the dynamic groups of parents envisioning a more hospitable world for their differently-abled children.  All of us have become aware of the resourceful First Peoples’ communities inspiring everyone to get involved in water and land protection.  And then there are the growing numbers of trauma-informed  visionaries who bring inspiration and safety to formal and informal learning situations by asking “What happened to you?” with compassion and skill.

Every neighbourhood has its shining eyed, engaged participants involved in making positive change, change that reconnects the vulnerable, the isolated, the fearful, the raging.  Every neighbourhood has a place for its people to make meaningful, desired change through partnerships, coalitions, and friendships.  Every neighbourhood extends its invitations to get involved in the business of peace and coherence in a hundred subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

EFT Communities and Resilience Building

More than any others, the EFT communities spreading across the world are consciously taking on the magnificent work of building resilience.  As each EFT learner works on her or his personal resistance to positive agency, he or she forges connections with the waves of compassionate, innovative problem solving that support a growing love and respect for all species and the Earth Home we share.  Engagement in daily EFT practice is being proven to alter our brain waves, our heart coherence, our very DNA.  (Visit for an introduction to the growing evidence-based claims for EFT’s ability to alter brainwaves and provide emotional regulation.)

Like Jean Houston, those of us committed to becoming our best selves are seeing new patterns emerging as the old patriarchal, top-down, power-over structures morph into the empowered communities that choose Love over fear.  As we progress in our daily EFT practice, we see how our personal energies positively or negatively influence the groups with whom we engage. Choosing to make positive change on a daily, moment-by-moment basis not only blesses others with opportunities to experience the joys of resilience building, it strengthens our individual immune systems, diminishes our personal recovery time from trauma, and puts a spring in our step that helps others feel more optimistic about their own powers of resilience building.

And . . . , if all this sounds Pollyanna-ish in the face of our current monumental social and environmental challenges, we can tap on our skepticism and despair.  “Even though I feel hopeless when I think of [this problem], maybe a tiny part of me wants to believe I can [your specific goal].”  On this day of  Solstice energies, may we all flourish in the wonderful space EFT creates within and around us.  After all, It’s Summer.  What better time to grow into our most resilient selves.

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