Tapping, Activism, and Climate Change

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Today, September 21, 2014, a massive march in NYC is bringing world attention to the urgent threats we face because of climate change.  Tomorrow, many of the same participants will shift to Wall Street to remind the world that a non-stop, extractive economy is killing the environment and its diverse human and non-human communities the world over.  Becoming involved in halting climate change is both inspiring and threatening. Television and film footage of fifties and sixties civil-rights sit ins offers vivid examples of the inspiration of collective action as well as the terrifying violence it can provoke.   Bearing blows, risking imprisonment, and even dying come with activism’s territory.  And yet we know with certainty that some causes are so important we muster our courage and take to the front lines.  Tapping can help us to affirm and act on our resolve to be the change we want to see in the world.

Because so much media generated programing in the west focuses on entertainment, it is easy to miss hard news sources such as Democracy Now that report on crises major network and cable shows play down or even deny.  Tapping to face reality and to summon the courage to hear the worst about our current environmental situation might begin with simple set-up phrases that help to neutralize paralyzing fear regarding our current peril:

“Even though a part of me simply can’t believe climate change is happening, I know I am not in this situation alone.  Even though I don’t want to believe that fossil fuels are running out and that our economic policies and practices are unsustainable, I trust that I will find my place in the movement for change.  Even though my heart breaks when I think of the harm we have done and I don’t want to face it, I trust that I will be able to handle the truth and become a strong advocate for positive change.”

It helps to remind ourselves that facing an unpalatable truth is one of life’s greatest challenges.  Denial is a self protective mechanism, and watching that sit com, shopping, or binge eating can temporarily distract us from the truth.  Amazingly, when we face the truth head on we often find our addictive impulses and our tastes for distraction atrophy, freeing up the energy we need to take part in something as radical as shifting our economic mindset.  Just a couple of tapping rounds like the following, first dispelling negative energies and then cultivating positive ones, help us to straighten our spine, decide on an action, and follow through:

Round One (negative emphasis):

“I’m scared; what if I get hit with a baton; what if a dog bites me; what if someone goes crazy; I’m really scared; this is so not me; I’m a home body; I’m growing my business; I’m not an activist; someone like me belongs in a therapy session, not on the front lines; I’m going to leave this protesting to others; I don’t want to do it; it’s way out of my comfort zone; I don’t feel safe; I’m scared; this activism job belongs to everybody else.”

After this focus on the negative, we take a few deep, slow breaths, imagining as we do all the energy blocks in our system effortlessly dissolving and traveling out to be composted to support our fresh view points and activities.

Round Two (shifting to the positive):

“Maybe there is another way to look at this; I admit I’m fearful of participating in activist activities, but I’m also fearful of the consequences of climate change; at least if I get involved in raising awareness, my energies will be supporting a life affirming cause; I like that idea; I do my best to be a positive force in people’s lives; and the Earth holds us all, so doing what I can to protect our planet from more destruction feels like a good thing; maybe this is an example of ‘every journey begins with a single step’; and maybe environmental activism is the next step in my journey; I’ve experienced fear before and grown through it; in fact, I’ve learned fear is a great teacher regarding the next step in my personal evolution; I can’t pretend growing my business or healing myself and others happens in isolation; it depends on the health of all the interconnected communities that exist on Earth; I’m going for it; I’m ready to remedy my ignorance and isolation; I’m ready to get involved; I’m ready to be an Earth Citizen.”

After this exploration of the positive, consciously breathing in new energies and releasing stale energies with our out breath helps the body and the spirit to settle into this new perspective.  We may not be able to get to NYC, but climate change activism is not a one-time event.  Getting involved with local groups focusing on water, air, and land protection is a life affirming way to make new friends who share our passion for being the change.  The world needs us to become the fullest expression of ourselves . . . and that involves enjoying our rights and freedoms, as well as meeting our responsibilities as local and global citizens.

Activism builds joy – the essence of a well lived life – as well as diverse community strengths.  It offers the rare life opportunity to discover that even when we lose, we win because it is never about a one-off event.  Once we have made our decision to be involved in protecting what is, after all, our unique Earth home and all Earth communities, Tapping helps us to work through challenges, maintain equanimity, and spread the glorious spirit of positive change.

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Jane Buchan, MA, AAMET Advanced Practitioner, jane@winterblooms.net, 802-533-9277