Tapping as a Spiritual Practice

Many of us who work within institutions or in private practice can find ourselves collecting other people’s energies throughout the day.  Taking breaks to release these energies between classes, sessions, or meetings is an invaluable practice that will support our highest intention to be agents of positive change.  Many of us meditate on a daily basis, often more than once a day.  Some leave the workplace to sit for a moment in the stillness of a private garden or to walk a focused meditation in which we consciously bless and let go of any energies we want to release.  When we do this, we are strengthening our spiritual connection to the whole, an activity that nourishes our centredness, clarity, and ability to be fully present to those we serve.

There are numerous forms of spiritual practice.  One of my personal favourites is Sacred Dance.  Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong are Eastern spiritual practices that have become very well known and utilized here in the west.  Less well known are Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology practices that help us to centre and ground in the present, clear unwanted energies from our person and our workspace, and resolve conundrums in order to support effective, loving work, no matter what this work might be.  Cyndi Dale, Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton, Gary Craig, and so many others are helping to bring these energy/spiritual practices into greater prominence.

EFT, the Energy Psychology practice that often is called simply ‘Tapping,’ is easily adapted to become a highly efficient, daily spiritual practice.  Lighting a candle to consciously create sacred space before we begin our daily routine helps us to articulate intentions that serve the highest and best for ourselves and others.  Tapping through the points as we say “I am inspired in my work” and “I do my best and see the best in others” are phrases that set us up to have wondrous  work experiences.  “I travel safely and others do the same ” is a phrase that helps us to move into the world with positive expectations that attract healthy and enjoyable experiences to us and those with whom we work.

Once we are at work, we can take mini-breaks to reinforce positive expectations that deepen our spiritual connections with others.  “I meet all challenges with grace, guidance, and goodwill,” is a general phrase that easily morphz into a specific reminder to favourably influence a situation that takes us by surprise.  Moving through the day with tapping sessions that support intelligent, loving equanimity regardless of the maelstrom of work or relationship crises allows us to tap into the spiritual support that is in and around all of us all the time.

Whether we utilize energy medicine and energy psychology practices personally, professionally, or both, employing their deep spiritual gifts to invoke a grace-filled life that is a blessing to ourselves and others is a simple way to manifest more joy and success in every part of our lives.

Until next week