Tapping as Blessing

Many who use tapping daily as a self-help tool concentrate on clearing negative personal memories, physical pain, and negative emotions such as depression, rage, fear, and anxiety.  Because it is so effective in this clearing work, it is easy to forget that we can use tapping to remind ourselves of the many blessings we enjoy in life.  Tapping with gratitude for the gifts our senses bring to us increases our sense of enrichment and wonder every moment of the day.

For example, upon awakening each day, we can tap through the points as we thank each of our senses for their many gifts.  Thanking our intuition for guiding us can bring more intuitive guidance and deepen our sense of trust in who we are and what we’re here for.  Tapping on the wonder of sight, both inner and outer, will add more visual and insight richness to our lives.  This is the beauty of tapping.  Its versatility allows us to clear whatever negative experiences we are aware of in the moment and also allows us to bring more of the true joys of life into focus, regardless of our age.

It is said in our families and in our culture that we can’t teach old dogs new tricks.  Well, we can with tapping.  Humans and animals are adaptive and the new physics is teaching us just how adaptive we are.  It is only the belief that we cannot grow and change that keeps us stuck in whatever reality we are currently chafing against.

Tapping can help us to experience the truth that we are all better at living than we believe we are.  When we unplug from negative influences in the media and in our human interactions we can cultivate a zest for life that will see us through to our final breath.  And when this zest fills us to the brim regardless of what might be going on in the world, our resilience kicks in and we are ready to be effective agents of change.  Happy tapping!

Until next week