Tapping for Daily Energetic Hygiene

It is easy to become discouraged when a problem we thought we solved returns.  When this happens we frequently question our ability to “fix” those things we perceive as wrong in our lives.  However, if we liken our energetic tapping process with daily showering – that is, a cleansing process without physical water – the idea that we “fix” our energetic challenges once-and-for-all shifts.  The dynamic nature of our lives requires that we stay present to our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.  Working with our energies by tapping daily helps us to clear any negativity before it morphs into a serious or even a chronic problem.

Challenges to our own energies come from other people in the form of obvious emotions such as anger and panic.  Hysteria spreads easily, as does rage, something every mob demonstrates.  Being calm and centred despite others’ meltdowns allows us to be more effective contributors to solutions;  it also allows us to witness just how stable our own energies have become.  Tapping daily on the seemingly small irritants – crowded subways, sloppy workmanship, discourteous co-worker behaviour, unexpected demands, complaints, and the like – as well as on those life themes that require regular attention – abandonment issues, poverty mentality, and other childhood programing  consequences – will strengthen our energies so that we remain calm and together whatever may be going on.

The importance of brushing our teeth, showering, eating well, and exercising daily helps us to understand the importance of a consistent energy practice that keeps us energetically balanced and resourceful every day.  Tapping daily, for personal well being and for the general well being of Earth and all Beings, strengthens our energy fields and makes personal meltdowns far less likely.  When these do come, recovery time is swift and usually  accompanied by insight into what happened and why.  This process rewards us with another consequence of daily tapping:  wisdom.

In today’s world of constant media invasions, we are encouraged to give our power away in almost every situation.  Expertise comes at us from every situation in life, shouting down our considerable store of personal wisdom based on our experience and knowledge.  Daily tapping can help us to stand our ground and to root more firmly in our own knowledge and intuition so that we are less likely to be convinced by advertising concerning what we should be doing and how we should be doing it to remain healthy, strong, and committed to being present throughout each day.

Tapping as part of a daily energy hygiene practice that includes meditation and some nourishing movement practice can’t help but increase our wisdom and our consciousness.  We are meant to become self-reliant, loving, wise, and productive adults – no easy feat in this perpetually adolescent culture.  Tapping supports us on this life journey by keeping our filters strong, our hearts open, our minds clear, and our spirits soaring.  Like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Sacred Dance, and the many other wisdom practices found in all the world’s cultures, Tapping helps to support our intentions to live a life that blesses us and all that is with harmonious, heart-centred attention and participation.

Until next week