Tapping for Time

Most of us living in the contemporary western world feel pressed for time.  Time rules our family schedules, our work routines, our social calendars, and our personal relationships.  Making time and losing time are regular daily themes, themes often marred by anxiety.  To emphasize our relationship with time, I imagine readers are asking  in this moment:   Do I really have time to read this?

Tapping for time may seem like a futile thing to do.  Time, we believe, is finite.  There is only so much of it and we mortal creatures are always running out of it.  This is certainly true from the linear past, to present, to future point of view.  It isn’t true if we shift this perspective, and EFT is very useful whenever we feel a need to shift perspective.

Recently I read a couple of books by Larry Dossey:  One Mind and The Power of Premonitions.  Dossey is a retired medical doctor and identical twin.  His experiences of “knowing” what was happening with his brother aroused his curiosity; how, he asked himself, can one person “know” what is going on with another without being with the person or being told about the person? This led him to investigate all manner of experiences many people – twin and non twin – take for granted or dismiss as preposterous, experiences such as knowing a loved one is in peril despite the thousands of miles separating us from them.

Having had my share of “knowing” experiences, his research confirmed much of what I had concluded on my own.  It also shifted my idea of time.  In both books, he argues that what we call paranormal experiences can only happen if time is a block entity where past, present, and future exist at the same . . . time.  In other words, we can only know of events happening in different cities to different people (without a phone call or email heralding the facts) if we share something that exists everywhere at once in the present moment.  He calls this thing we share the One Mind, and in this shared mind all time, past, present, and future, exists simultaneously.

This view of time releases us from the idea that we can lose or make time, because in this one-mind, one-time universe, everything is eternally present.  Yes, we grow old and die or grow ill and die, but the permanence of death is removed.  We are, through our oneness with the One Mind, participating in an Eternal Now that exists whether our bodies exist or not.

With this new perspective in mind (and body) I began to tap away a specific pressure I felt to meet a deadline.  My tapping session went something like this:

Tapping on the karate chop point:

Even though I sometimes feel pressured because I have so little time to accomplish all I need to, I trust there is another way of viewing time that removes this pressure.

Even though a part of me is convinced I waste time when I should be making the best use of it, another part of me is connected to an eternal reservoir of time where I exist now, in the past, and in the future and in this eternal place, all is well.

Even though I suspect some people would ridicule me if I admitted my sense of living in a One Mind/One Time Universe, I trust that an equal number of people would feel this way, too, and have the time to express their curiosity about and their experience of the convergence of past and future time in the present.

Tapping through the points I said:

I am here now.  I have all the time in the world.   My consciousness is part of the One Mind that all of us share, a Mind that is Eternal and Omnipresent.  Even though it sometimes seems linear, time is past, present, and future all at once.  Time is a Mobius Strip, a feedback loop, a glorious dance of coming and going and coming again.  I am here now.  I have all the time in the world.  I am here now, and I have all the time in the world.

Tapping on this sense of “all time being now” fostered deep pleasure and contentment.  My anxiety about my deadline disappeared and I finished my task without any pressure at all.  As the day flowed, I found myself living with a heightened sense of awareness.  I noticed the details of my environment with deep satisfaction and without judgment, just as I notice my thoughts without judgment when I am meditating.  I felt as if the whole of my existence was showing me Time as it exists beyond the linear perspective.

I wrote about my experience in my journal in hopes that I would remember to see time in this way each day and not slip back into that “I don’t have time to do all I’m supposed to do” mindset.  Writing about it here will help me to remember as well.  Time is something we share, just as we share space and the One Mind that helps us to experience this sharing, sometimes in the form of premonitions, deja vu experiences, or intuitive leaps.

May you revel in Time and in the One Mind and in everything that matters to you.

Until next week