The Deep Dark Blessings of Winter Solstice

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Here in the northern hemisphere, we are passing through that momentary still point we call Winter Solstice.  This longest night of the year, calls us to gather in candle-lit rooms to share stories told in words, music, dance, and feasting, stories that promise our very survival with the return of warmth and light.  Hunkering down, together and alone, by fireside, candle, or electric hearth, this season of Renewal invites us to rest, to reflect, to touch the marrow of our lives on a planet dancing through space in rhythms so gracious and steadfast as to make all life grow, die back, and grow once more.  Winter Solstice brings out the poet and philosopher, the dark fear and the brilliant hope in each of us. In this time of least light, our inner eye senses our interconnections with every other being – human and non-human – with whom we share this glorious world.

Strength in Numbers

That we are interconnected is proven in so many ways these days. For example, Lynne McTaggart, popular science writer of The Intention Experiment, is now studying the power of small groups to influence outcomes in countries all over the world.  For a brief introduction to her current work, The Power of Eight, visit Complementing other studies that have set out to prove or disprove the influence of our prayers and intentions on people and events near and far, McTaggart is bringing the scientific method to the metaphysics of small-group synergy in a way that comforts and inspires.  We need stories of interconnection during these cold long nights to remind us that our world calls for our return to the wisdom of the steadfast rhythms of each season.

Winter’s Wisdom

We enter the season of Winter as we pass through the the gateway we call Winter Solstice. Winter  is perhaps the greatest seasonal Wisdom Teacher we experience.  This season demonstrates the fragility of all life as it brings up our fears of privation, isolation, and vulnerability.  As we walk through our winter landscapes, bleak though they may appear, we can learn to see the stark trees, the frozen waters, and the empty fields as Earth’s ever-present guidance.

Rest‘ this sometimes tranquil, sometimes stormy season whispers to us.   ‘Take stock.  Use this time of quiet inactivity to mine the past for its treasures of insight and perspective.  And when you have done, envision a future where My rhythms guide you to acknowledge your place in the Web of Life, a Web of mysterious interdependence, a Web of deep and abiding Love.

EFT Support During Cold, Dark Times

Tapping on the primal fears that come up at this time of year moves us into a more comfortable relationship with our Earth home.  When we embrace this season through tapping on our worst fears, we no longer want to deny the cold harshness of this winter season, but to experience its gifts – the return to hearth and home and the deep peace that comes from supporting our families and communities to make the cold more bearable.  As for the long, dark nights of winter, we can think of them as a womb roomy enough to nurture every soul alive, feeding all with Dreamtime Magic and preparing us to burst forth with new gifts to share in the warmer, lighter seasons to come.

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